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Sabagreia: Bayelsa community where evil, wicked men dread

SABAGREIA—THE Izon-speaking riverine community, Sabagreia, is situated at a point where River Nun branches out into a major tributary, the Igbedi Creek, in Yenagoa Local Government Area, Bayelsa State. But what attracts other Bayelsans and residents from neighbouring Rivers and Delta states to the waterside locality, formerly known as Bolouseibokrogha, which translated literally means ‘a town where no evil/wicked person would settle’ is the Lake Efi fishing festival.

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The banality of evil in Nigeria

The “banality of evil” is a concept created by Hannah Arendt, a Jewish political theorist who escaped Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. The idea refers to the ease with which ordinary people can be culpable of the most evil, horrendous things if they believe, or are persuaded by a higher authority that their actions are either justified or a part of their duty.

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