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What is the North afraid of?

I have to be careful how I tell the following stories; not because they are not true, but because I do not want the personalities involved to identify themselves or be identified by those who are familiar with any of the stories. At the same time, I do not want to distort the stories to such an extent that their veracity, which is the core of my message, is lost. One of the stories involves two friends who pulled out of an agency to set up their own enterprise. The two had different personalities which led them to have different social lives but seemed to complement each other in business. They both brought different sets of skills to the enterprise in any case.

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Blame not ethnicity for Nigeria’s failures

IT was in the days that followed the January 1, 1966 coup that the young officers that took the reins of leadership started making some slogans popular. These slogans included: “No Nepotism”, “No corruption”, “No ethnicity “. All types of “isms” filled speeches from these young military leaders, and thus, ethnicity became one of the major problems of Nigeria.

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