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Creating real estate portfolio in Canada

Real estate historically  has provided investors with a stronger return compared to all other form of investment. It is also an edge against inflation. As a follow up on the maiden edition of the Home ownership made easy series we are pleased to invite you to a webinar focusing on investments in Canada. Canada is
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LAGOS: Greenfield Estate residents protest presence of heavy trucks, containers, poor electricity

Residents of Greenfield Estate, located off Ago-Palace Way, Okota in Isolo LCDA are gearing up for a public protest over what they term as “the invasion” of articulated vehicles(trailers and tankers) in their once serene estate. Residents now find it difficult to drive in or out of the estate. Recalling the psychological and mental torture they experience on a daily basis, some of the residents who work in Apapa, where traffic logjam has become a norm, said should the Apapa experience be replicated on their stretch of Ago Road, then their lives could be shortened. “The tankers have covered the entire road and are making life unbearable for most of us. When you talk to the drivers, they would feign not to understand what you are saying,” a worried resident told this writer, adding that the earlier the state government intervened in the matter the better for them.

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Gtext Homes empowers young start-up entrepreneurs

By Gabriel Olawale Leading real estate solutions provider, Gtext Homes, has empowered outstanding young entrepreneurs with start-up grant to enable them develop their passion and contribute to the development of Nigeria. Speaking during the cash presentation to the top three winners of Global Property Brokers Conference, Gtext Homes Manager, Mr. Emmanuel Ikechukwu, said that as
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