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Ese Oruru gets justice at last!

THE Ese Oruru saga is a photographic image of the kind of society Nigeria has become in recent years. It shows that as far as the citizen is concerned government is virtually irrelevant since it has continued to prove unwilling and incapable of protecting the ordinary person from evil forces prowling boldly in the open.
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UPU storms court for Ese Oruru

MEMBERS of Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, the apex body of the Urhobo ethnic nationality, led by its National Secretary, Albert Akpomudje, SAN, and the president of the Youth Wing, Ovie Anthony, along with the Women’s Wing, yesterday, stormed a Federal High Court sitting in Yenagoa, Bayalse State, in solidarity with their own, Miss Ese Oruru, at the resumed trial of her alleged abductor, Dahiru Yunusa, aka Yellow.

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Ese Oruru: Unanswered questions on my mind (1)

It is obvious, that we are yet to hear the last of the Ese Rita Oruru and Yunusa Dahiru, a.k.a. Yellow. In the next couple of weeks when proper hearing should begin, we are surely going to be entertained to our hearts delight, from the ridiculous to the morbid and out rightly outrageous. But while we await these, there are still several questions in my mind begging for answers that may never be provided, at least, with the way many issues seem to have been twisted and wounded together, leaving one gaping in bewilderment and confusion.

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Ese Oruru and other dangerously pregnant matters

An unwanted pregnancy is an exceptionally gruesome burden. In a 14 year old it isn’t just a blemish, it is a blight. The medical and social complications of childhood pregnancy are potentially grave and crippling. We have collectively failed that child, severally. We must begin to mitigate the proliferating consequences of our degenerate system. We must now envelop her with comprehensive perinatal care. Because she lacks the psychological maturity to be a mother, because the pregnancy was forced on her, we must not let her lose her mind. Tomorrow is in the stranglehold of pedophilia, it must be rescued. Accepting the child by all around her, and cushioning her life back onto an educational track will go a long way in keeping the demons away. While our focus rests on her well-being, we must scan this tragedy and cure sick minds. And let many culpable heads roll.

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