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Epileptic Power : ROSATOM proposes water as effective off-grid solution for Nigeria

Inspired by the need to address Nigeria’s perennial electricity shortfalls, Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy corporation, ROSATOM, is proposing off-grid technologies – such as mini hydro power stations as an effective solution to ensure access to electricity for Nigeria’s increasing population.The corporation said its prescriptions are underscored by the fact that minor water streams are practically omnipresent in Nigeria.

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Epileptic power, poor funding, setting national identity management back – Aziz, NIMC DG

Two years as Director General, National Identity Management Commission, NIMC, Engr. ALIYU ABUBAKAR AZIZ looks back at what has been achieved and lamented that but for poor funding and epileptic power supply, Nigerians would now be enjoying a promising digital national database and proud identity management system. He, however, sees hope if the government can act quickly to salvage the situation

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