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Little things that can cause great embarrassment

DISOBEDIENCE leads to casualties. When you disobey God you end up miserable. Sin destroys men and alter destinies. No man can love the world and at the same time love God. Sin is pleasurable but very destructive. When you engage in sin to gratify your flesh, you will be grounded on earth. God hates disobedience because it denotes that he is incapable of handling matters and you need to help him. Like I often say, what you don’t want you don’t touch.

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When democracy becomes an embarrassment

LIKE everything in life, democracy has its downside, good and cherished as it produces the process that plays the midwife to a government that represents the will of the electorate. I stress the notion of process, for we oftentimes dwell on the outcome (the President, Senator, member of the House of Representatives, Mayor, etc.), not paying adequate attention to the fact that what matters in “democracy” in these examples is actually the process that confers some legitimacy on them as symbols and occupants of power and authority.

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