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Against all odds, I survived scleroderma —Elizabeth Onuoha-Ozumba 

It all began subtly one day in mid-2010 when I began feeling numbness on the fingers of my right hand. I dismissed it as possible symptoms of stress I was encountering as a result of studying for my professional exams. But rather than get better, the numbness, inflammation, discolouration and pain worsened and spread along my arm. I was having difficulty using the hand normally and even prescribed medication did not help.

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How Deborah, Elizabeth, Ishaya are living with disabilities

Deborah, Elizabeth and Ishaya are three of a kind.  They are victims of avoidable circumstances. For Deborah, lack of adequate health facility and awareness caused her trauma from the damaging effects of jaundice, while ignorance and lack of family planning by  Elizabeth’s parents caused her grief. On his part, Ishaya is a victim of neglect by a care giver and poor access to a good health facility.

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