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Ebola workers killed in DR Congo

Ebola cases rise in new DR Congo outbreak

The Ebola outbreak in DR Congo’s northwest is growing, according to health officials, sounding the alarm weeks after the country officially declared an end to a separate Ebola epidemic which claimed over 2,000 lives. There have been 54 confirmed cases since June 1 in Mbandaka, a transport hub in Equateur province, including 22 deaths, according
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Ebola vaccinations underway in new DR Congo outbreak

Health workers in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo have begun administering vaccinations after the country’s 11th known outbreak of Ebola erupted last week, the authorities said Monday. Six people have died of the much-feared haemorrhagic virus since June 1, when the first cases came to light in Mbandaka, capital of Equateur province. The outbreak coincides
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Ebola: DRC to declare outbreak over in 6 days — WHO

Ebola: Origin, symptoms, and vaccine

A 20-month campaign to stamp out Ebola in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) received a blow Friday, with the first case diagnosed in 52 days dashing hopes of declaring the epidemic over. “Unfortunately, this means the government of #DRC will not be able to declare an end to the #Ebola outbreak on Monday, as
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