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Drunk Pastors

The door to the pastor’s office swung open with a loud bang. Out came the praise worship leader running for dear life. Running after him, with shoe in hand ready to strike him down, was our dear pastor, shouting: “I will kill you. I will kill you.”

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Being drunk is no excuse to pounce on her! – Bunmi Sofola

A CULTURE of heavy drinking has led to sexual molestation becoming the norm on a night out for young women—and they feel they have to put,with it, an academic report warns. In a disturbing insight into how 18 to 24-year-olds behave on a night out, a survey has found one in three girls received inappropriate or unwanted physical attention or groping, but few were surprised. Academics said that excessive consumption of alcohol has turned a lot of clubs into a ‘permissive social arena’.

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When the only reason you stay with a drunk is the money

Ola, Dupe’s husband, now rich – beyond their wildest dreams, has alcohol as his albatross. She doesn’t always know what type of rabbit he’ll pull out of his full magic hat of embarrassments when he’s drunk. The last I witnessed was early this year when the family had a belated New Year party. As the guests left, well fed and merrily tipsy, Ola asked his house guests and a couple of us to finish things off at a night club near the house. I would rather have preferred to go home and sleep off a throbbing headache, but Dupe’s pleading eyes made me shrug and I left with the group. Ola was a bit tanked up by now. His speech was slurred but the problem with him is that he doesn’t know when he’s had enough booze.

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