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Day of the distribution of God’s gift (2)

Genesis 33:9 “And Esau said, I have enough, my brother; keep that thou hast unto thyself.” Esau had pre-viously sold his birth right —the joy of being the seed of Abraham and the ticket of living in heaven with his ancestors—and lost the blessings of greatness passed on from father to son. Practically speaking, at this point in time, he had nothing worthwhile left.

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The Eko distribution company,a true son of NEPA

Nigerians say: “Like father, like son.” Igbos will say, whatever a snake births must be long. When NEPA was unbundled and privatized, the government promised an end to darkness. These new electricity companies haven’t just continued in NEPA’s dark ways. They have taken to the superciliousness and poor work ethics of public institutions that characterised NEPA. They can’t pretend not to be private companies. NEPA could give no power and yet conjure bills. Eko Distribution can’t do that, it’s fraud. NEPA didn’t need meters. It preferred what it called estimated billing. Eko Distribution can’t live that lifestyle, Nigeria is their Animal Farm.

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