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Defence ministry calls for effective inter-service cooperation among armed forces

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Mr Babangida Hussaini, has advocated for harmonious inter-service cooperation within the Nigerian Armed Forces for effective military operations. Hussaini made the call during a familiarisation visit to the Nigerian Army Headquarters on Wednesday in Abuja. He said that there was need to work closely toward ensuring peace and security
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Gideon Okebu

Who should bear the burden of proving the defence of Alibi?

Alibi, as a defence to an allegation of crime, connotes that the defendant alleges that he was elsewhere at the time of the criminal act and thus did not commit the crime. While it can serve as a defence to many crimes, it cannot serve as a defence to an allegation of conspiracy, as conspiracy is not constrainable to the presence of the actual perpetuator of the crime but deals broadly with ‘knowledge’, ‘common purpose’ and ‘facilitation’ of criminal conduct.

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