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Dr Walter Rodney

Death! Oh! Death! And the death of meteors

A meteor is like a shooting star. It sparkles, it dazzles, it brightens up, but it is also a falling star. They are also like joy, that has a slender body, that breaks so soon- “Ayo abara bin tin,”  as was depicted in Ola Rotimi’s epic play-  “The gods are not to blame.”A meteor rises fast and disappears at the apogee (height) of its glory. Meteors are always messengers, usually in a hurry to deliver their messages and disappear.

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Boko Haram

Every death matters to someone

In the week that New Zealand woke up to the horror of terrorism for the first time in its history, Nigeria was confronted with its own all-too-familiar instrument of mass deaths in the name of building collapse. The former claimed 50 lives, mainly adults.

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The brutality of death

Everyone must die. Death is a debt we must all pay. Youth gives us a false sense of immortality. But age clears the fog.  We see our friends and family disappear. And that illusory immortality fades. Death makes life finite and therefore  precious. But it’s the arbitrariness of death  that makes living a nervous enterprise.

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