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BREAKING: Bandits kill Southern Kaduna District head, son

Man defiles two daughters in Kaduna

–doctor confirms they are HIV free –El-Rufai ,wife, NGOs intervene By Ibrahim Hassan Said Muhammad Al-Masiri, an Imam in Kaduna has confirmed that a Kaduna based civil servant has defiled his two daughters. “He had sex with them front and back, their vaginas and anus are damaged. I gave their mother N10,000 and she took
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We are born daughters

We have been trending on social media because of the atrocities we have been committing. We are on the cross and stones are being thrown at us by the society that nurtured and failed us. But we were not born like this. We were born clean, like a tabula rasa, which is clean slate. But we were corrupted by the society we grew up in. Daughters are victims of the corrupt society. We are violated, sexually abused and exposed to all manner of evil by men. As babies, we were violated sexually by the men around us, even those we called uncles, daddies and brothers. We have nowhere to hide because fair is foul and foul is fair in the society we are. We are sex toys and playthings to men. Sometimes, they marry us even though we are still babies and we become child- mothers.

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Benue, Court, Grazing

God did not punish Lot who had sexual intercourse with his children ― says man who slept with 4 daughters

A 64-year-old man, Bassey Archibong, of No. 10 Kunle Dipo Street, Majidun, Owutu, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State, has been arraigned for having carnal knowledge of his four daughters aged between 12 and 20. It was learnt that Archibong had been having incestuous sexual relationship with the girls since 2016. Archibong was arraigned
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Like mothers, like daughters

I’ve always had a reservation about the lifestyle of families living in one room. I mean, father, mother and children all living in one room. I still fail to understand how they can manage to manoeuvre in that little space and live a decent, respectful and meaningful life, without it impacting negatively on the children. I live in a suburban environment where this style of houses are prevalent and I see the resultant effect on both male and female children.

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A mother’s lamentation before daughter’s freedom

The A mother of one of the abducted Chibok girls, Madam Rebecca Takai Nkeki, bared her sorrowful minds few days before the release of her daughter, Hauwa. The middle-aged woman who developed high blood pressure over the abduction of her daughter lamented the fate that befell her family to visitors at their home in Chibok Local government Area, Maiduguri, Borno state.

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