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5 foolproof ways to escape a bad date

No matter how good you are at screening people, occasionally one ‘flies under your radar’ and then you find yourself in presence of someone you really don’t want to be with on a totally bad date. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 foolproof ways to escape a bad date.

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The humiliation of dating a much younger man

COPING with the death of a beloved spouse, especially after years of marriage could be a nightmare. When Lola’s husband of over 25 years died suddenly, she was almost suicidal. He had a stomach ache and was dead three days later. Nobody suspected he had a tumour on his liver. “Grief hit me like a boxer’s fist,” she’d said when a group of friends tried to console her. “He was only 58 and I’d thought we had years left together. I thank God for our three lovely children – but they’re all grown now and can hardly be expected to stay at home and hold my hands .. .”

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