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Cucumber wonders is beyond improving men’s libido

I REMEMBER that about eight to ten years ago in the office, cucumber and groundnut snack was the favourite of many men. I often wondered why almost all the men in the Newsroom took to that menu. On asking, I was told that it had been discovered that the combo worked magic for men’s libido. As usual for Nigerians, it was embraced but after a few months, it faded out. Only a few still follow the menu.

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Just Cucumber: What says you?

Nutritionists say cucumber can serve as a healthy diet in building up skin cells and removal of toxic waste from the human body. Gossips say most ladies these days go about with Cucumbers in their bags. They claim those ladies who go about with Cucumbers in their bags do so for clandestine purposes not exactly clear at face-value. Others have even, lately linked Cucumber ”harvest” with public figures.

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