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Country first

FOR almost one week now Americans have been mourning the passing as well as celebrating the life and legacy of one man they believe epitomises the idea that the goal of every citizen, much more a political leader, is to put service to the country first and above any other consideration. Senator John Mccain who died last weekend of brain cancer at the age of 81 is for many Americans that symbol of a leader as a servant of the people.

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Unpopular thoughts on my country

THERE is a ground swell to punish hate speech in the country. Doubtlessly, societies evolve and what is acceptable today may be forbidden tomorrow. But hate Speech is like religion; it depends on your beliefs. If some say Nigeria is a zoo, and others say those who call our beloved country a zoo, are animals; both groups may be exercising their constitutional and fundamental human right to freedom of speech.

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There will be a country still

The media goes through the same process every Independence Day. It calls on ‘prominent’ Nigerians to talk about whatever age the country is celebrating. The comments you get invariably depend on the status of the respondents. The current ‘leaders’ will talk patronisingly and benignly about the giant strides the country has made.

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How not to run a country

THE saddest occurrence in the history of mankind is that Nigerians ever featured in the human happiness index in spite of the miseries that daily rule their lives. Anytime I see Nigerians mentioned in the same bracket with that word, I usually reach for my dictionary and happiness is still defined as: “A mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment or immense joy”?

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