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A season of conspiracy theories

By Sunny Ikhioya THEORIES are statements arrived at after consistent verifiable proofs, subjected to scientific analysis and found to be true and correct. We can, therefore, say that they are facts. When you add conspiracy to theories, it becomes something else; shadowy, sinister, with a hidden motive. You concoct a conspiracy theory when you deduce
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FG begins policy formulation on 5G deployment

Conspiracy theories spark attacks on 5G masts in Britain, Netherlands

Coronavirus-inspired conspiracy theories have sparked dozens of attacks on telephone network masts in Britain and the Netherlands, with the perpetrators apparently believing 5G transmissions are the cause of the disease. “In Britain, 20 masts belonging to telecommunications giant Vodafone have been set ablaze,’’ the firm’s chief in Britain Nick Jeffery said on Monday. In the
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Scientists say no evidence Dettol can kill Wuhan coronavirus, as bogus conspiracy theories spread

Scientists warn there is no evidence Dettol can kill the deadly Wuhan coronavirus rapidly sweeping the world after bogus rumours about the disinfectant spray have been spread online. Eagle-eyed social media spotted a label on the back of a bottle, which shows the product claiming to have been proven to ‘kill coronavirus’. It has been
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