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Condom myths and unprotected sex!

Most people know about condoms but few acknowlege their relevance. They top family planning items across the world. Meanwhile, whereas condoms are a household name in Nigeria, many people don’t use them. Reports show that about 1.8 billion sexual activities occur in Nigeria yearly, 80 percent of which are unprotected, a development that may be contributing to the burden of infectious diseases as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea and other sexually transmitted infections, STIs. Chioma Obinna examines the position of condoms in family planning issues and in driving the control and prevention response to STIs.

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I’m keen on using condom but my boyfriend loses erection at its sight

Making love with my boyfriend is a nightmare. The foreplay starts off well and we both get aroused and ready for sex. But as soon as we reach for a condom, my boyfriend loses his erection. It’s been like this for months and ,it’s so frustrating. Now we’re starting to avoid sex because it’s too much hassle. Apart from this particular issue our relationship is loving and fulfilling. I’m keen on using condoms as I don’t want to get pregnant or catch any disease, most especially AIDS. How can we deal with this problem?

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