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Sense, nonsense, and commonsense (5)

Of course, the Hobbesian state of nature is a hypothetical scenario invented by Hobbes to anchor his theory concerning the origin of civil society. But it might become real in Nigeria if the federal government does not take immediate steps to expand opportunities for productive work and engage the growing number of discontented, disillusioned and frustrated unemployed youths nationwide. The argument by top government officials who are not experiencing the hardships Nigerians are facing at this time that things must get worse before they get better is pure nonsense. First, it is an unequivocal admission of incompetence and unpreparedness to lead by the APC.

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Sense, nonsense, and commonsense (4)

The token gesture of reducing the number of ministries by the President notwithstanding, there is no evidence that the cost of governance has gone down significantly to the extent of impacting positively on the lives of average Nigerians. Information in the public domain about the billions of naira earmarked for the renovation of Aso Rock clinic, feeding in the Presidency, purchase of exotic BMW cars, and maintenance of aircrafts in the presidential fleet indicate that the despicable Animal Farm syndrome characteristic of political leadership in Nigeria is still with us despite the propaganda of change by the APC.

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