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Importance of citizen participation in fixing Nigeria

HOWEVER it is citizen participation (or lack of), that shapes the current state and the future of any nation, including Nigeria. Clearly Nigeria has reached crisis point. What we, the people do now, or do not do now, will determine the kind of future we will have, and that our children and grandchildren will have. Even though we are from different backgrounds, have different educational standards, have different economic statuses, one major thing connects us all, and that is that we are Nigerians and, therefore, the state of the nation will affect us all one way or another.

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Igbos: The second class citizens of Yenagoa

In April 2017, Igbo traders took to the streets in Yenagoa in an unprecedented protest. Something had rattled them. Three prominent Igbo traders had been murdered in one month. They suspected something more sinister than routine armed robbery and assassination. They put their finger on xenophobia. The police dismissed the insinuation and reassured them of their safety. The murders were unrelated incidents, they said. The traders took the assurance but remained nervous.

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EFCC, Afromedia and Citizen Gobir

THE establishment of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC in 2004 marked a watershed in the fight against corruption in Nigeria. For the first time, Nigeria had all previous laws and enactments on different aspects of financial and economic crimes consolidated under one agency in order to achieve a seamless and co-ordinated detection, prevention and prosecution of financial crimes.

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