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Group gives Christmas succour to the elderly, people with special needs

ENUGU- RESPITE came the ways of inhabitants of Home for the Elderly, lepers, disabled persons, the abandoned, motherless and indigent patients, when a group-Friends De Royale International Club visited their homes and hospital in different parts of Enugu to offer palliatives and made them participate in the celebration of Christmas, a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Good tidings on the way

Congratulations, I’m sure you had a merry Christmas. We give thanks to God that has made you see this day. Indeed, with the grace of the Almighty God, you have gone through 363 days of this year. Today, you have barely 48 hours to go. By the grace of the Almighty God, you will see the end of 2019. You will send away the year 2019 joyfully in Jesus name.

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Christmas: Pastor happy with large muslims turnout to celebrate with Christians in Kaduna

Christmas Birthday

Congratulations it’s your birthday and guess what it falls on Christmas Day or possibly Boxing day. What a double celebration though it certainly has its pros and its cons. It’s easy to feel left out while the whole day is devoted to celebrating Christmas and the disappointment of receiving one gift for both occasions is something many Christmas birthday celebrators experience. Sometimes you get upset by the lack of attention paid to your birth. People are torn between celebrating Xmas and not so much on your birthday. Let us look at how to make the most of your birthday.

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