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Professors of shame

GREAT artists sometimes get prophetic and often more accurate than some professional prophets who engage in guesswork to remain relevant or bind their flocks. Upon reading an advance copy of Chinua Achebe’s novel, A Man of The People, Achebe’s friend, Nigerian poet and playwright, John Pepper Clark, declared: “Chinua, I  know you are a prophet. Everything in this book has happened except a military coup!” Nine days after the novel was published the first coup in Nigeria took place. Were it under the fertile minds of Nigerian crude order, the novelist would have been arrested for being accessory before the fact of the military interregnum.

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Another translation of Achebe’s Things Fall Apart launched

Sixty years after the first edition of Things Fall Apart was released, the book’s reputation continues to soar with critical acclaim and recognition coming from diverse climes and cultures of the world. Often described as the greatest piece of literature to come out of Africa, the novel which was set in colonial Nigeria, and has appeared in 50 languages, was recently translated into Irish by the wife of the former Irish Ambassador to Nigeria, Mrs Irene Lynch.

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Deem yourselves beautiful

PERMIT me to renew or share with you some didactic, relevant literary experience availed the world by the duo of Ghana’s Ayi Kwei Armah and Nigeria’s Chinua Achebe, both writers of indomitable renown. We resorted to  Armah because of the similarity in the political history of the two countries being former British colonies. A constant reminder of this tie today perhaps is the Nkrumah Award for Good Governance which contemporary Nigerian politicians are always excited to be honoured with. 

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