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Trump ‘ordered’ US companies to quit China

United States president, Donald Trump, says he has “hereby ordered” American companies to leave China after Beijing announced plans to slap new tariffs on US goods. The White House did not immediately say what authority the president had to compel private firms to quit a country. The US president also vowed swift retaliation against Beijing
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Legs in China, eyes on Russia

 Finally, we came across a Chinese rural community! The main city is called Mohe while the small community that effectively separates China from Russia on the North most axis is called Arctic Village by the Chinese. Mohe City is in Heilongjian Province, whose major City is Harbin, a highly developed area in China.

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China has gone far ― which way Nigeria?

I WAS privileged to be in the entourage of Chief Leemon Ikpea, Chairman Lee Group of companies, a man who is very passionate about indigenous engineering technology and his amiable wife, Mrs. Justina Ikpea, Managing Director, Trebet A1 Nigeria Limited, producers of Trebet table water. The trip to China was in respect of a new production line for Trebet water. The business part of the trip was a huge success; it was a great experience and eye opener, especially in the areas of international business negotiation and diplomacy; but that is not the focus of this piece.

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