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The chicken has come home to roost

I KNEW that Muhammadu Buhari didn’t represent any sort of change with the tiniest chance of improving the lot of Nigerians. I knew also that people of my education and perspective knew that to have a man with scant redeeming qualities at the helm of Nigerian affairs would represent a tragic setback for the entity. It didn’t surprise me, though, that during 2015 a legion of informed Nigerians ate up incredible media space promoting as sterling what they knew or ought to have known was meretricious. It was all Buhari blah, blah; Buhari blah, blah, blah; Buhari blah, blah, blah, blah.

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N2 billion chicken wasting away

THE statement made by the immediate past President of the Poultry Association of Nigeria, PAN, Dr Ayoola Oduntan, that N2 billion worth of locally produced chicken are wasting away in cold rooms in Nigeria, should embarrass all Nigerians as it makes a complete mockery of our Made-in-Nigeria slogan. It should also challenge us to save Nigeria’s poultry sector from collapse and boost our efforts at economic diversification.

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