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Checking unsafe food preparation habits

How to cope with various food allergies

By Bunmi Sofola Cases of food allergies keep on going up especially with varieties of processed foods imported into the country. If you’re suffering from a rash, feeling a bit nauseous or your skin is itching, you might put it down to being under the weather or stressed. But experts believe it could be that
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Diet guaranteed to boost your orgasm

Orgasm boosting diet you must try

In spite of all the enlightenment going on about meaningful sex, judging by your text messages, it isn’t enough for some of you readers to achieve the pleasure you crave and sometimes it feels as if you’re destined to go through your whole life without really having orgasms. Quite a number would want to try
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Exercise can keep dementia at bay, even if it’s in your genes

Tracking early signs of dementia

When you lose your car keys and then go upstairs only to forget why it’s easy to fear your memory is fading. But instead of being a cause for concern, it seems these ‘senior moments’ should be welcomed. It is when you begin to stop noticing your memory lapses that you should actually start worrying,
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