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The movement of Buharism

The victory of Muhammadu Buhari second term ticket is a huge phenomenon. Not only because political pundits, opinion leaders and analysts had given him little or no chance of victory. All through the campaign period, they had played up what they regarded as his dismal performance high and above any favourable stuff about his last four-year administration. (If they think there was any).

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The Style of Buharism

THERE is no iota of doubt about it after all: we have ceaselessly experienced a crisis of Buharism since our present president,Buhari, was exalted by us into the presidency of our country. Glaringly, diurnally it is entering our exalted consciousness and imagination that our pre-election idea or picture of him was one that exalted a man who had (and still has) an exalted impression of himself.

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