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Buhari seeks confirmation of nominees as Justices of Supreme Court, others

Five years of elusive ‘change’, Buhari’s self-congratulation grates

By Olu Fasan LAST week, having self-assessed his five years in power, President Muhammadu Buhari adjudged himself a success. In a 26-page self-assessment report, tagged “Buhari Administration Fifth Anniversary Factsheet”, the presidency said the Buhari administration “has made salutary impact in almost all the facets of Nigerian life”. Basking in the self-congratulatory mood, Lai Mohammed,
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Buhari’s five years in the saddle (2)

TAKING it from the regime’s three-point agenda: revival of the economy, securing the country and fighting corruption, it can be safely said that nothing has really changed (except in many cases for the worse). The economy was sagging when he took over in 2015. It went into recession later that year and marginally broke the
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