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What to expect from the 2019 budget

TWO  wrongs never make a right – whether in politics or in private relationships. President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria placed the 2019 Budget before the National Assembly, NASS, in late December, approximately three months behind schedule and then had the gall to ask the lawmakers to pass the budget in the national interest. That is bad leadership. A good leader builds with both hands; a bad leader who gives good advice but provides bad example builds with one hand and destroys with the other. When it comes to annual budgets, Buhari has spent the last three and a half years constructing with one hand and demolishing the edifice with the other.

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Budget 2019 and the blind leading the blind

PRESIDENT Muhammed Buhari, finally laid the 2019 budget before the National Assembly, on Wednesday 19th December 2018; that is, barely 2 days before Parliament vacated for the Year End holidays. Incidentally, there was no apparent regret, nor indeed explanation why this mandatory process took so long; arguably, however, tardy implementation and gross distortion of the budget plan are the usual products of such casual approach to this critical national assignment.

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