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2019: Budget delay will not change election dates, INEC boss insists

CHAIRMAN of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Yakuub Mamoud yesterday insisted that despite the delay in the passage of the commission’s budget for the conduct of the 2019 general elections in the country, the dates for the election remained sacrosanct. The INEC boss who said that he was not worried over the budget delay in the National Assembly, also stated that areas of doubts among the lawmakers have been cleared.

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Recurring delay in passage of Budget: Matters arising

“The Chilean constitution mandates that the executive provide the legislature its budget 60 days before the end of the fiscal year. While this time- frame is comparable with a number of countries, the consequences of Chilean legislative inaction are especially significant. If the legislature does not approve the budget within 60 days, it automatically becomes law in its entirety, thus under- cutting the leverage of the parliament. I have no doubt that the same can be replicated here in Nigeria”

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Our annual budget mess must end

While the Executive and its sympathisers claim that the National Assembly is meant to more or less rubber-stamp the President’s Appropriation Bill, the lawmakers counter-claim that as “representatives of the people” charged with “the power of the purse”, the document laid by the President is “a mere proposal”. They believe they have the right to make whatever changes they deem fit for the good of the people.

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