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Despite low adoption rate, satellite still bridges digital divide in Nigeria – Brown, YahClick’s Africa VP

Vice President, Sales (Africa) at  UAE-based satellite company, YahClick, Michael Brown is not new to satellite development in Africa. With 19 years of Senior and Executive Management experience in the Sales and Marketing functions in the ICT, Cellular, Satellite and Logistics sectors, mostly around Africa, Brown considers himself, an authority in analysing African satellite situations and views his solutions as capable of proving enduring remedies.

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Ecobank vital to Needbank’s African growth strategy – Brown

South Africa’s Nedbank on Tuesday said that Ecobank Transnational Incorporation (ETI) remains vital to its expansion elsewhere on the African continent despite booking a $293 million write-down on the value of its stake in the sub-Saharan lender. Ecobank has operations in nearly 40 countries outside its home market. Nedbank Chief Executive, Mike Brown, told reporters ““It’s obvious that we would be disappointed. But we still, however, remain optimistic on the long-term growth prospects in the rest of Africa.”

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