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Firm, Women Affairs Ministry to drive child health with Rigakafi program

Brain drain and the Nigerian economy

Recently, Nigeria has witnessed an uptick in the number of trained skilled workers migrating to other countries, particularly to the West. Many of these emigrants are graduates trained in Nigerian universities, which are highly subsidized by the government. Many of these emigrant workers take with them years of training and skills in foreign countries. These
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Brain Drain

Brain Drain: we need better welfare package — Medical doctors

Speaking at the Good Health Weekly on Vanguard Live (every Wednesday at 10 am co-hosted by Health Editor, Sola Ogundipe and Senior Health Correspondent, Chioma Obinna), the experts maintained that while minimum wage is good, it is not the ultimate now that an estimated 8 out of every 10 doctors are contemplating leaving the country for greener pasture and about four leave every month.

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