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Three books you must read continuously if you want to live

If you are not happy, don’t worry. You are not alone among over 12 billion people on earth today. In fact you are among the majority. Unhappiness is the blight, the scourge of humanity, and especially of the modern world. If your answer to the question about happiness is “Yes, I am happy,” congratulations. But please, do ensure that yours is not the happiness of a mad man who is not aware he is mad!

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Send books not guns, Malala pleads at UN

UNITED NATIONS  (AFP) – With a maturity and poise that belied her tender years, Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teen shot by the Taliban for championing girls’ education stood by world leaders on Wednesday and called for books not guns. “Instead of sending weapons, instead of sending tanks to Afghanistan and all these countries which are
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