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FG endorses Irikefe's book as resource material on entrepreneurship

Axxela Officially Commissions School Project; Donates Books and Supplies

In celebration of Children’s Day and in demonstration of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Axxela Limited (“Axxela”), sub-Saharan Africa’s preferred fast-growing gas & power portfolio company officially commissioned the newly refurbished Olowogbowo Methodist Primary School, donated books for the school library, and provided school supplies to the students.

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Three books you must read continuously if you want to live

If you are not happy, don’t worry. You are not alone among over 12 billion people on earth today. In fact you are among the majority. Unhappiness is the blight, the scourge of humanity, and especially of the modern world. If your answer to the question about happiness is “Yes, I am happy,” congratulations. But please, do ensure that yours is not the happiness of a mad man who is not aware he is mad!

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