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Boobs and butts are very important to me — Abiodun Adebanjo

When you are looking for   handsome and talented Nollywood hunks, you cannot but ignore Abiodun Adebanjo. The rising actor popular for playing ‘Play boy’ roles   has starred in movies like Sonate, Basira Badiya, Wale Danger, Omo Oshodi, Injustice,   amongst others. In this interview, he opens up on how he started out in Nollywood, the weirdest message he has ever gotten from a fan, among other issues. 

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Men love bums than boobs – Evia Simon

Booty queen of Nollywood, actress Evia Simon has hugged headlines after headlines on account of her curvy figure and her bum that is as rude as it is confrontational. The actress once told Potpourri in a chat that even fellow women embarrass her over her big bum, recounting an experience where a woman followed her for a distance just to have a feel of her butt to ascertain whether it is real or not. It is very real.

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