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Bobboi and his exploits at PEF(M)B

By Toby Prince One of the thriving industries in Nigeria today is hypocrisy, and leaders who walk on that path are seen as heroes. In this clime, refusal to compromise standard and firm embrace of tenets of integrity by being brutal with the truth, firm in honesty and courageous in justice always attract opposition and
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PEF(M)B: Coalition clears Bobboi of allegations, lauds ES for transparent leadership

The Coalition of Human Rights Groups in Nigeria (CHRGN) has absolved the Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Equalization (Management) Board, Ahmed A. Bobboi of allegations of nepotism. The coalition noted that Bobboi has displayed an unalloyed commitment to achieving the mandate of the agency through the introduction of policies that promotes transparency and accountability. It said it
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Bobboi: Appraising a reformer at PEF

By Leonard Aluor Prolific novelist and scholar, Prof. Chinua Achebe once reminded of a great virtue Nigerians have discarded, but which is still haunting the nation. He said, “One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.” Leaders who demonstrate a strength of character or refusal to be compromised often
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