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Biodun Stephen’s suspense filled movie, Joba, hits cinemas

in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Although using faith-based template, Joba has a strong and relevant emotional core that exist at given period in everybody’s life, It connects the viewers to events in their personal lives that question their beliefs, self-esteem and tenacity. Biodun Stephen achieves this using vivid relatable life experience to pass a message centered on love, strength and omniscience of God.

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Why I sacrificed my acting dream for filmmaking- Abiodun Stephen

Biodun Stephen is a name not known because she has elected to stay behind the scenes. She is the brain behind many well-crafted movies including ‘The Ghost and the Tout’, Picture Perfect, The Visit, Ovy’s Voice, Tiwa’s Baggage, Glimpse, All Shade of  Wrong, Sobi’s Mystic, Ehi’s Bitters, Last Days, Seven and Half Days, Tough Love, and her yet to be released movie, Joba.

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