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Ayo Adebanjo: The man and his politics

When friends, family and political associates gather in Ijebu-Ogbo, Ogun state today, to celebrate the 90th birthday of Chief Ayo Adebanjo, they will be honouring a radical and progressive politician, a lawyer, elder statesman, a patriot, and a nationalist of Yoruba extraction, who is without doubt, one of the most remarkable politicians of his generation and a voice of reason in the Nigerian politics of the 20th century and early 21st century. In a country where life expectancy is 53, “one of the most dangerous places to give birth” according to Bill Gates, a house which Karl Maier describes as “fallen”, the attainment of the nonagenarian grade is no mean feat.

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The change Nigeria needs —Leaders

A host of Nigerian leaders, yesterday, looked at the state of the nation, 55 years after independence and returned a grim verdict: the country has under-achieved.
Noting that Nigeria started on a promising note on October 1, 1960 with huge potentials to become a super-power within a short time, they identified where the country went wrong, the challenges and direly-needed changes.

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