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National Confabulation: Jonathan’s redemption ride

Between President Jonathan and the egg-head, correspondences were exchanged. During this period, Sunday Vanguard was made to understand that President Jonathan “bounced” the idea off a few confidants without necessarily betraying the inner workings of his mind. Interestingly, when some weeks ago, Professor Ben Nwabueze, the octogenarian professor of constitutional law, visited Aso Rock and told President Jonathan, in no unmistakable terms, that he should not seek re-election but act the statesman, convoke a National Conference and make that a legacy, the latter simply took it with equanimity. Therefore, when, during his October 1 national broadcast, Mr. President revealed that his administration had set the machinery in motion for the convocation of a National Conference, it jolted critics, sent supporters into a frenzy and set many tongues wagging.

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Eight years of “Madam President”: Issue for 2015 (1)

President Jonathan certainly did not wish this to happen. But, whether the country will be willing to stomach four more years of Mrs Patience Jonathan, or not, has suddenly become a campaign issue – even before the struggle for Aso Rock 2015 starts. However, before going into the details, permit me to bring the issue into historical, global and political perspective – if not for anything else but because of those who already concluded that Dele Sobowale hates Jonathan.

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Chronicles of a comical nation

A time will come when this too will become an entertaining anecdote round the dinner table and we’ll be like tee hee hee hee…. Remember when then mace was the political weapon of choice…hee hee…’.but for now, our very own theatre of the absurd moves on and is playing out to a packed house in the Garden City.

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