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Takes on Police order for nationwide mop up of illegal arms (1)

I will not say that the Police are not on the right track. However, telling vigilante organisations to submit their weapons while herdsmen carry weapons around is unacceptable. Herdsmen should be disarmed also because it is very unsafe to disarm those protecting our communities without disarming herdsmen. I expect Civil Society Organisations to urge the Police to do a more holistic work in that regard. 

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Seizure, recovery of Illegal firearms, ammunition not targeted at Southern Nigerians – Group

A group, United Young Professionals, has urged Nigerians to disregard a fake message been circulated on different WhatsApp messaging platforms  that “the IG of Police has directed that civilians, vigilante groups, neighborhood watch security groups and hunters should surrender their firearms with the licenses in 21 days which has sent jitters down most Southern Nigerians, who perceive it as a sinister move aimed at disarming them so as to facilitate easy massacre and invasion by Fulanis who have killed no less than 3000 innocent Nigerians since 2015.”

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