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Mario Sandoval

Mario Sandoval: France to extradite Argentine torture suspect late Sunday

France will extradite Argentinian Mario Sandoval to Buenos Aires late Sunday to face trial over the torture and disappearance of a student during the country’s “dirty war”, airport and legal sources said. The 66-year-old former police officer was arrested Wednesday at his home near Paris, after French authorities gave the final go-ahead for his extradition,
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Argentina: New president vows to put citizens before debt repayments

Center-leftist Alberto Fernandez vowed to put his people first ahead of debt repayments after he was sworn in as Argentina’s president Tuesday to singing and applause from lawmakers and supporters. After taking over from the market-friendly Mauricio Macri, Fernandez sent a message to the International Monetary Fund, saying “it’s impossible to pay external debt without
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Trump, China, Trade deal

Trump slaps metal tariffs on Brazil, Argentina

United States President Donald Trump ambushed Brazil and Argentina on Monday, announcing tariffs on U.S. steel and aluminium imports from the two countries in a measure that shocked South American officials and left them scrambling for answers. In an early-morning tweet, Trump said the tariffs, “effective immediately,” were necessary because “Brazil and Argentina have been
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