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Aretha Franklin: The unsung feminist

At the 2015 Kennedy Centre  Honours , Aretha Franklyn got the small but quality crowd excited as she made her signature royal entrance as the guest artiste of the day. It was not her mink stole and classy, vintage hairdo that the crowd was wild about, but the personality of the woman that has been consistently tagged “the Queen of Soul”.

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Aretha Franklin

On Aretha Franklin’s ex-husbands and children

Behind her seemingly effortless stage performances and the endless adulation that was showered on her, Franklin was a troubled soul. The product of a broken home and a philandering preacher father, she became pregnant for the first time when she was 12 and had had two children by different fathers by the time she was 15. Clarence Franklin, her father and the single most influential person in her life, was an enormously successful Baptist preacher.

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