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Let’s stop mundane appointments

These days, whenever, a Nigerian citizen is appointed into a public office, the first reaction is usually not about the proven competence of the appointee for the job, rather it is an immediate call for the reversal of the appointment on grounds of the political affiliation of the appointee. This is a very disturbing trend which if not quickly addressed may postpone the rapid development which our nation eagerly desires. The trend happens across the nation, but it is understandably more noticed at the federal level because everyone has an interest in the big level government at the centre. It is important to admonish our politicians and indeed, their youths to desist from the mundane inclination. All over the world, the fine difference between party and government is clear. Before an election, a candidate may be heard talking about his party; but as soon as he wins the election, he is obliged to see the bigger picture of the task ahead which is societal development. He is not expected to continue to wear the toga of a party; instead be becomes the President of the people.

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