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How Nigeria broke the back of apartheid

South Africa no longer surprises us. In the heat of the on-going attempt at ripping us off massively, Jacob Zuma, the country’s President blandly pays us a visit. He was once his country’s representative here. So what else is new? His predecessor in office also preceded him here. It was not entirely coincidental, because Nigeria was one of their closest allies against apartheid when the policy of “apartness” barred the black people from the inalienable rights of humanity—freedom as a human being, and equality as citizens of the same country.

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Cedric Nunn brings apartheid images to Nigeria

After showing the exhibition extensively in South Africa and Mozambique, internationally renowned South African artist Cedric Nunn finally brought his one-man show to Nigeria. The documentary photography exhibition tagged Call and Response, an exhibition of black-and-white photographs by, Cedric Nunn is organised by The Ben Enwonwu Foundation (BEF) in conjunction with South African-based Galerie Seippel. The exhibition which is the artist’s first time in Nigeria was declared open on September 14 at Omenka Gallery, Lagos and will run till October 3, 2013.

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