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Use of antibiotics for COVID-19 will cause more deaths ― WHO

Increased antibiotics use in combating the COVID-19 pandemic will strengthen bacterial resistance and ultimately lead to more deaths during the crisis and beyond, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said Monday. WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said a “worrying number” of bacterial infections were becoming increasingly resistant to the medicines traditionally used to treat them. The
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Youth drug abuse: Lagos Assembly tasks parents on vigilance

Handle antibiotics with care, Pharmacists warn Nigerians

Some pharmacists have advised Nigerians to handle antibiotics with care by completing their prescribed dosage and avoid ingesting antibiotics without appropriate testing and prescription. According to them, this will help to guard against antibiotics resistance and associated health conditions that may arise from indiscriminate consumption of antibiotics. They spoke on Friday at an event organsied
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