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The symbolism of Anenih’s “self-abnegation”

The grand old politician did the needful by listening to advice by family members and, most especially, to his heart and body in reaching the decision. It was clear that having been deeply sucked into politics and enjoying his kind of vast followership, he was going to feel somewhat out of place trying to extricate and insulate himself from the dynamics that underpin politics both nationally and in his home state of Edo

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PDP: ‘Divided we stand’

The affront, last week, on President Goodluck Jonathan and the leadership of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP, was, perhaps, the most tendentious action ever driven by any group of individuals within the party that is giving it sleepless nights. Like an earthquake, the launching of the revolt and the unveiling of the forces behind the mutiny shook the party to its foundation.

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