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Sex is God’s Gift — Andrianna Adebiyi

Sex is a topic most people shy away from in public for reasons stemming from religious beliefs, morals or ethics. But for Tinsel star, Andrianna Adebiyi, mincing words doesn’t seem to be her style as she airs her opinion on hallowed matters whenever the need arises. In a  chat with Potpourri, the fast rising role interpreter explained how important sex is in a romantic relationship. According to her, sex is a divine gift from God which is why it has a lot of health benefits.

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Critics force celebrities to live fake lives, Andrianna Adebiyi declares

Living a fake life is a common phenomenon perpetrated around the world, but it is usually frowned at when committed by a prominent personality. For busty Flat mates actress, Andrianna Adebiyi, pretending to be who she is not, just to impress her fans, or for whatever reason, is something she would never be found guilty of, because she is a woman of substance and virtue.

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