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[People Talk] Looted funds: Al-Mustapha’s attempt to exonerate Abacha

By Olayinka Latona “Truth makes a nation develop but that is what Nigerians lack most. Al-Mustapha cannot deceive us with his lies. We know better. He should show evidence of his claims. “In other climes, somebody like him would have been thoroughly investigated and prosecuted. He should be begging for forgiveness.” –William Jimoh. Teacher “Al-Mustapha
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Abacha Loot: Supreme Court dismisses appeal by brother to late Abacha to unfreeze accounts

Abacha loot: Emirs and Chiefs were consulted when money was kept overseas ― Al-Mustapha

By Ibrahim Hassan – Wuyo The former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to former head of state, Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha in defence of his former boss has stated that the Abacha administration consulted Emirs, Chiefs and VIPs before moving billions of naira now referred to as “Abacha loot” overseas. Al-Mustapha who was speaking during a
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