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NigeriaSat: Britons want £1bn aid stopped

Leading British politicians want their country’s aid to Nigeria stopped, asking why Britain should give over £1billion in aid to Nigeria which is spending hundreds of millions of pounds on its own space programme.

Nigeria has the second highest national income of all African countries and is to receive £275million from the UK this year alone, with a further yearly average of £250 million until 2015.

British politicians are angry that despite almost 70 per cent of the population living on less than 64 pence a day, the country intends to send astronauts into space in the next two years.

Nigeria’s National Space Research and Development Agenc, NASRDA, has built laboratories and plans to launch its own rockets by 2028. The exact cost of the space programme has not been released by the Nigerian Government but is thought to be hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

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