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Africapitalism: A philosophy for the era of sustainable development

2015 is an important year. It is the year when the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), first announced in the year 2000, come to a close, focusing the world’s attention once again on Africa and global policy relating to our development. I am an African, a private sector leader and a father, so the business of African development is extremely important to me. Only two weeks ago, I had the privilege of travelling to New York at the invitation of the UN Secretary General to witness global leaders adopt a new set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals to build on the successes, as well as address the deficits, in achieving the MDGs. And from Libreville, this evening, I will travel on to Lima, Peru, to participate in discussions with top global economists, business and political leaders at the World Bank/IMF meetings on ‘Implementing the SDGs’ to give an African private sector perspective – a perspective which I will share with you first, this evening.

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