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African nations begin trading under AfCFTA pact

African Union (AU) Chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have congratulated Africans for starting trading under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Abiy tweeted: “Congratulations to our continent for the beginning of trading under AfCTA. The new frontier for Africa is indeed regional integration, where minds are open to ideas and
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Search for results and impact in African development

The everlasting and arduous quest for Development in Africa continues relentlessly and in full speed, even if often elusive. Many of the policies, strategies and actions executed have not always succeed but many others have, or hold promise, propelling the continent progressively forward, even if slowly, toward desired Development goals. To many, the age old saying ‘experience is the best teacher’ is a resounding truism. Innovation is only to be strongly encouraged: however, knowledge and learning from experience, although not always relevant and helpful, remain equally important, in evaluating accomplishments, setting the action agenda for the future, and to inform the design, direction and focus of continuing and new initiatives.

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P&G initiates plan to help Black Americans find their African roots

1960: Africa’s year of independence

The year 1960 was to be crucial for Africa: 17 sub-Saharan countries became independent from their European colonisers, 14 of them from France. Here is a timeline of events in Africa that year: – January – – 1: Cameroon, a former German protectorate split between Britain and France after World War I, becomes independent –
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