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SIM swap fraud: A new wave of attacks targeting Africa’s financial, online services

LAGOS – During Kaspersky Lab’s annual Cyber Security Weekend that took place in Cape Town, South Africa, Kaspersky Lab experts discussed the wide spread growth of mobile payments across the globe and the many cyber risks that surround such technology. Especially the recent SIM swap fraud wave, which have become very common in Africa and the wider region.

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Al-Bashir, Bouteflika and Change in Africa

AS part of international delegations, I met Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir thrice when he was President of Sudan. At the first meeting, the gate had opened and there was a land rover-like jeep with a handful of soldiers. I had reflected that the State House seemed lightly guarded.  Even state governors in Nigeria seemed far better protected. We were ushered into what I thought was a waiting room. We chatted and were waiting to be ushered to the president’s presence, only for him to appear.

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Portugal Prime Minister to address investors at 21st Africa Energy Forum

.Over 3,000 delegates expected Prime Minister of Portugal, His Excellency António Costa, has confirmed to meet investors at the Africa Energy Forum (AEF) at the Lisbon Congress Centre, Lisbon, Portugal from 11-14th June 2019 According to a release signed by EnergyNet’s Head of Marketing, Amy Offord, Energy Secretary, João Galamba, will also present the tender
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