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Our victories in the Horn of Africa

QUITE often, the news oozing out of Africa are those of  booming  guns, rumblings of hunger, cries of children, sighs of adults and the forlorn look of the aged and, of course, an inept leadership that has turned the continent  into the headquarters of human poverty. But the news in the last few days and weeks are also of African leaders putting on their thinking caps to bring peace, as a step towards greater unity and development.

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Africa-China’s debt diplomacy

LOANS have been used as weapon of underdevelopment of Africa by International Monetary Fund, IMF,  and World Bank. Loans from China are irresistible because they come with less strings attached on matters such as governance, democracy or human rights. Bureaucrats too can easily get a cut without much accountability. Yet, the loans are like a Trojan horse. Its consequences will be far-reaching.

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