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Ethiopia 'fully' restores internet connectivity after weeks of outage

Ethiopian PM, Abiy, rejects transitional government to solve election impasse

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, on Monday ruled out forming a transitional government once his mandate expires in early October, brushing aside accusations that he was misusing the coronavirus epidemic and delayed polls to artificially extend his rule. Africa’s second most populous country was due to hold national elections in August that Abiy hoped would
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Jawar Mohammed, Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Jawar Mohammed won’t rule out election challenge to PM Abiy

Prominent activist Jawar Mohammed does not rule out challenging his erstwhile ally, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, in next year’s election, he told Reuters on Friday, after days of demonstrations by his supporters resulted in 16 deaths. Jawar’s ability to organize street protests helped propel Abiy to power last year, ushering in sweeping political and
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